You no longer have to trade off performance for power!

Roviero is a deep-tech startup founded in early 2019 that has developed the CortiOne™ NPE (Neural Processing Engine) and integrated CortiSoft™ compiler technology. We designed our IP and software stack to enable uncompromising performance with ultra-low power and latency for edge devices.

Solving the ultimate problem of scalability, programmability, and power consumption with a hybrid hardware-software design, Roviero will enable every device that uses a silicon-on-chip for localized processing to be “Natively Intelligent.” This unique design will disrupt how AI is engineered and allow users a high degree of security and privacy.

Like many legendary tech companies, after starting in a Bay Area garage, the Roviero team received seed funding from leading Silicon Valley VCs in Feburay of 2021. The highly experienced founders assembled a world-class team of hardware, software, and AI experts with a vision to enable AI in all edge devices.